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Two Little Bears

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Are Collecting Teddy Bear Stories

Dear Two Little Bears Blog Readers,

Have you got a story about Teddy Bears? Especially, a story about YOU and YOUR TEDDY BEAR.

Things you used to do together, some memorable incidents, or your feeling toward your Teddy Bear, etc. Anything is OK. If you want to express your love to your bear, that's fine. If you wrote a poem about your bear, that's great! It doesn't matter how long or short the story is.

If you have something you can tell us about you and your Teddy Bear, please send us an email to teddy_and_pencil (at)
We are collecting stories about Teddy Bears.
We would appreciate it if you could send us ANY stories.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Teddy & Pencil


Le-Chat said...

I don't really have a story for you, but thought you'd like to know I rescue bears from the trash. No matter how dirty or torn they look, I can't believe anybody would throw them away. I wash and repair them if necessary and keep for myself or gifts. Some day I'll have to dedicate a blog post to that. I'll let you know then.

Teddy and Pencil said...

That's wonderful!

We love you and thank you for saving all those poor bears.

We just can't believe and imagine why anybody wants to abandon a bear...

Debbie said...

Love your blog! I rescue Teddy Bears too.....I buy the old fuzzy ones no one wants at the thrift stores and dress them in doll clothes or real baby clothes.....then they sit in my Cozy Cottage for my customers to enjoy. (I think they run around and play when no one is there though!) :) I'll take some pics and send them to you before long.

Thanks for visiting my blog today....hope you'll come back soon. I'm putting a link to your blog on my Cottage Friends links.

Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor

Teddy and Pencil said...

Thank you, Debbie, for saving and caring teddy bears! We'll send you a big kiss :-)

We are so sure that your bears are running around and playing with each other when you are not around... Teddy bears are like that :-)

And yes, please send us some pictures. We would really love to see them.

Urso Branco said...

Dear Teddy and Pencil:

I am very happy that we are friends. We have all kinds of bears in our house in Brasil. If you go to "Great White Bear" at then scroll down to the post "Our Collection of Ursos" you will see we have very many bears. They all say hello to you. So do my many brothers and sisters, 12 dogs, 3 cats, 2 turtles and three canaries. We all enjoy reading about you two and your many friends. - Bambina