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Two Little Bears

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Teddy Bears Need Fun Too

Bears can have fun!

We know that most of people think teddy bears do nothing, just sit around and watch the world by. OK, we admit that some of us actually like to have an inactive life, but not all!
Here's an email we received some time ago with the photo above.
I was in a local toy store and to my shock, two large teddy bears were in a Ferrari. I said, "What in the world are you two doing?"

The driver said, "Waiting to be adopted" and the passenger said, "Sometimes we get bored. So Justin there drives and I do the 'vrrrm! vrrrrm!' noise. Teddy bears need fun, too, you know."

They allowed me to photograph them.

--Chris S.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We Are On The Greeting Cards!

Two teddy bears walking home. Teddy Bear Greeting Card

We are on the greeting cards now! Yippeeee!!

Recently, Yukiko, one of the human members of our family, created an online greeting card store called "Eternal Moment Greeting Cards" on the Greeting Card Universe site. She is still working on adding more designs to the shop, but it's up and running.

There are only 2 cards of us there yet, but she promised to add some more VERY soon. You'll find some other beautiful cards there as well. She was saying that their card approving process sometimes takes quite a long time, so maybe we shouldn't keep nudging her.

We would truly appreciate your comments and suggestions on the cards, so that we can let her know what people think about them.

The URL for the store is:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Taking Photos Can Be A Challenge

When we walk around the towns and the cities, we always take a camera with us just in case we meet some photogenic teddy bears there. Sometimes with babies and children, sometimes in the shop windows, teddy bears are always around.

The tricky bit is not upsetting anybody when we take photos.
Usually teddy bears are quite willing to pose for some photo shooting, but humans don't like a stranger taking photos of their children... It's quite understandable since there are a lot of weirdoes lurking around to do BAD things.

But we are so innocent looking bears...
Do you think we look like bad bears?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Bears of the World

Everybody needs caring hugs of teddy bears, right? It has been proven to the world that we, teddy bears, can be a great help for people who are going through some difficult time. But unfortunately, not all who need us don’t have their own teddies. But for those, there are several groups who give teddy bears to people in need.

Good Bears of the World (GBW) is one of such organizations. GBW is an international non profit organization dedicated to providing teddy bears to hurt, abused and traumatized children as well as the lonely and forgotten adults in the world.

GBW was founded in England in 1969 by the late journalist James Theodore Ownby. Mr. Ownby passed away in 1986 but his dream is carried on by GBW members across the world. Now their headquarters is located in Toledo, Ohio, USA.

GBW actively spread love to the world by giving teddy bears to people who are in need of comfort and solacing. We learnt that they were the first group to donate teddy bears to police departments in the early 80’s. Hundreds of thousands of teddy bears have given to children including the victims of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and domestic violence both in the United States and abroad. They also send courageous teddy bears to many sick, injured, and underprivileged children as well as lonely seniors to comfort them.

This caring group is supported entirely by membership and donations. If you would like to help those children and adults in need and contribute to Good Bears of the World, the address is:

Good Bears of the World
P.O. Box 13097
Toledo, Ohio 43613

Phone and Fax (419) 531-5365
Toll Free 1-877-429-2327

P.S. When we come across groups and organizations as well as individuals who help the world become better place with teddy bears, we'll publish a blog post here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Haiku by a Teddy Bear

Honey Pot Haiku by a Teddy Bear

A honey pot -
Wind swept through -
The sound of hollow

by Pencil

Sometimes, the weather isn't so nice and we get stuck in the house.
What could we do on a day like that?
Playing games, reading books, painting, sewing, etc., there are so many great ways to spend a day inside the house, and recently, Haiku has been added to our list.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Bear Club

The Bear Club

Do you know the website called The Bear Club?
If you are an active and sociable Teddy Bear, you really want to visit this site and join them, like we did!

This is THE WEBSITE for all the bears and people who live with Teddy Bears. You can share your photos & videos, you can blog, you can learn things about bears, play games, download stuff and read stories... There's loads of fun there and all for Teddy Bears!
Here's an excerpt from the site:

... the most amazing teddy bear experience you will find anywhere on the internet, and the first teddy bear blog site of its kind for teddies and their owners! A safe, exciting and interactive site for people of all ages, your teddy bear is brought to life and given a voice of its own via its very own blog pages, all completely free...

We got to know so many bears who love travelling, cooking, DIYing and doing all sorts of stuff there.
Why don't you come and join us? - if you are a bear, of course ;-)

"Princess" And Her Gang of Bears

Gang of Teddy Bears

We were featured on a blog! Yippeeee!

Recently, we got to know a blog called "It's my party (and I'll cry if I want to...)", and guess what, the author's daughter - "Princess" - happened to have a big hugful of Teddy Bears. (OK, we know, it might be more difficult to find a household withought a Teddy Bear. We are spreading all over ;-) )
We asked them to share some photos of their Teddy Bears, and so they published a blog post about us with the photos of Teddies.

Please check it out. And, when you are on their site, browse around and take time, you can find a lot of good and interesting blog posts there.