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Two Little Bears

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Let Us Be With You

Well loved teddy bear

Today, we'd like to introduce you a well loved teddy bear.
This cute fellow has been with Artsy Clay for decades.

As you know, us teddy bears are one of the best companions you can have. We'll always be with you whenever you need us - if you just let us share your life. Unfortunately, a lot of you decide that when you grow up, you don't need any supports from teddy bears anymore and give us up. We always appreciate our friends' decisions and accept the consequences, but to tell the truth, we would really love to spend our whole life together with you...

Artsy Clay has kept her teddy bear and wrote a song about him - about how he is always there for her. Great applause to both of you!

Here's the song. Enjoy.

"My Teddy Bear"

Well, I've got me a little brown friend
He sticks by my side through thick 'n' thin
I can count on him when I'm feelin' low
He holds my hand and he never lets go.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

We first met when I was just a kid
He came into my life and he's never hid
He loves me with tender lovin' care
And I've loved off almost all his hair.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

When I'm hurtin' I can hold him tight
He lets me hug him till I feel all right
Only the good in me he sees
He always understands and he never disagrees.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

His nose is flattened, one eye's gone away
But he's beautiful to me 'cause he thinks I'm ok
We have the best friendship there could ever be
He's free to be himself and I'm free to be me.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

(copyright 1985 "Artsy Clay")

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What’s So Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding

Bloggers UniteAs teddy bears, we often hear people talking about human rights but we’re never sure what they mean.

After all if something is a ‘right’ it’s usually something to do with a legal system (“You have the right to remain silent ….” property rights, the right to an attorney) and yet we think that when people refer to human rights, what they really mean is reasonable expectations of how humans should deal with and interact with each other. (like not being jailed for having different political or religious opinions, having reasonable, safe accommodation, not being subjected to any kind of violence and so on).

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that the above expectations are reasonable.
All over the world there are any number of governmental and non-governmental organizations which seem to think they can do what they like to, or with, other people. This may be as simple as taxing them to death or may involve kidnapping them and forcing them to join a guerrilla army. You can probably think of many more examples.
So, to try to keep these undesirables in check humans have invented a kind of legal framework for human rights so that some of the ‘bad guys’ can sometimes be reined in (but not, of course, if the bad guys also happen to be part of the government or own a pharmaceutical company).

Overall, we don’t think the legal thing works very well but it’s probably better than nothing. This planet will continue to have problems until all the people behave more like teddy bears. Non-judgemental, non-violent, non-demanding and not greedy.

We’d still like to know what’s so funny about Peace, Love and Understanding.

Teddy and Pencil

Monday, May 12, 2008

What if....

We came across the following news the other day. This news really shook us!
What could we do if we were kidnapped by a burglar? We don't know how to fight! Our paws are a bit too soft and we can't run fast... How can we escape from them? OK, we know how to drive - in theory, but our feet cannot reach the pedal!
Maybe we should learn karate or something...

Man steals PlayStation, Teddy Bear during burglary
Returned to his grateful owners

By Mark Cavalo, GameRush Entertainment

For a burglar in Waikato, New Zealand, stealing a PlayStation was apparently not enough, as the thief grabbed a teddy bear as well during the theft.
Police spokesman Andrew McAlley said that the 18-year-old man entered a couple’s residence sometime between 8am and 5pm. Asides from stealing the PlayStation, he made off with a hair dryer, some shoes, and a teddy bear.

When the couple arrived home, they noticed some of their belongings placed along a rear fence. When they looked over the fence, the couple was confronted by the burglar, who threatened them with a pitchfork, reported the New Zealand Press Association.

Police were called and had to use pepper spray to subdue the man. The resident of the neighboring property was also arrested for obstruction.

“Meanwhile the teddy bear appeared none the worse for his travels and was returned to his grateful owners,” McAlley said.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Paddington To Be Arrested!

There will be a new book of Paddington Bear published in June 2008! YES, A NEW STORY!
What a great news! The first new book in 30 years! And from what we heard, Paddington will be arrested and interrogated over his immigration status in this new book.

The year 2008 is a land mark year for Paddington as it marks the 50th anniversary of his debut. In this new book, "Paddington Here and Now", the bear is interviewed about his right to stay in England. He has no papers to prove his identity as his Aunt Lucy arranged for him to hide on a ship's lifeboat from Peru when she went to live in the Home for Retired Bears in Lima.

The book will be published by HarperCollins, who have been publishing Paddington books since the very beginning, when "A Bear Called Paddington" was launched in 1958. HarperCollins Children's Books will be releasing a variety of Paddington re-issues and new formats to celebrate the anniversary year.

We are so excited about this book, but it brought us a little concern... If Paddington could be arrested by police over his immigration status, the same might happen to us. Neither of us have passport... Nobody had ever asked us to show a passports or a visa on our travelling before. What should we do if people from the immigration office show up on our doorstep?