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Two Little Bears

Awards We Received

I love your blog award
From NJTomboy

Super Scribbler Award
From Charity

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas!

with lots of love

Teddy and Pencil

Friday, December 12, 2008

Teddy Bears in Space

Two teddy bears have been sent on a space mission, propelled 100,000ft into the stratosphere on a weather balloon.
A whole new era for teddy bear kind! Two teddy bears have been sent on a space mission! Oh, we wish we were the one enjoying the view of the earth.

Although they claim to be the first teddy bears sent into space, we are pretty sure that there were other bears who had been up there before...

Here's the story from UK.

Teddy bears in space
By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent
Last Updated: 3:08PM GMT 04 Dec 2008
Excerpt from

The toys, named MAT and KMS, were decked out in custom-made space suits and launched more than 18 miles above the Earth in the four-hour expedition.

The toys, bought from Mothercare specially for the mission, endured temperatures of minus 31F (-35C) as they were strapped to seats attached to a weather balloon made by Cambridge University's Space Flight science club.

A laptop attached to a webcam captured these stunning images of the bears looking down on Earth from nearly 100,000ft.

The world's first ever teddy space flight launched from Churchill College, in Cambridge, on Monday.

Pupils from nearby Parkside and Coleridge community colleges assisted scientists by creating space suits to stop the teddies from freezing solid.

After completing their mission the pair parachuted back to earth and made a soft landing near Ipswich just 50 miles from their launch pad.

Henry Hallam, 21, an aerodynamics student at Pembroke College at Cambridge, led the successful experiment to monitor weather conditions above the Earth.

He said: "We asked the children to build the space suits for the teddy bears and we monitored the temperatures inside and outside the suits.

"It was still pretty cold for the bears but they would be frozen solid if they didn't have their suits.

"The project was all about applying science into the real world. I think it's taught them a lot about running a real experiment.

"It was great to involve these young people in the Space Flight club, so they can learn about physics in a different and exciting way."

Thia Unsworth, 12, from Parkside College, helped to design the spacesuit for MAT.

She said: "It was unbelievable to see the balloon take off and it's incredible to see the pictures of the teddy bears in space.

"I've always loved science before, but I now understand how it helps in the real world."

Her classmate Sam White, 13, helped programme the camera to take pictures in space and let go of the balloon on Monday.

He said: "It was amazing to see it go up so quickly."

Dr Steve Hinshelwood, physics teacher at Parkside and Coleridge community colleges, said: "There has been a buzz around the school and students have been asking me questions about pressure in space and whether the teddy bears would have been freezing. They were wearing layers of foam and foil - and one of the suits was made from recycled materials.

"The balloon, which was made from latex and filled with helium, would eventually have burst as it swelled from six feet across to the size of a small house."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dancing Bear Christmas Tree

Dancing Bear Tree

Christmas is just around the corner now!

While we were visiting several websites for Christmas decorations, we found this super Christmas tree! We asked Y & M to get this rather special tree for us, but our request was turned down...

"$895!? Farrrrrr too expensive!!", they said.

It's a pity.
We thought it would look spectacular in front of our house.

By the way, here's the link for the shop, if you are interested in having a look.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We Are On The Christmas Card!

Teddy Bear Santa Christmas Card - Lots of gifts are loaded on a sleigh, two little bears are coming to you!

It's almost December now. Another Christmas is coming soon! Yesterday, we put our Christmas tree up and decorated it. We love watching the fairy lights twinkle, they make us feel so happy.

By the way, have you started your Christmas shopping yet? How about Christmas cards?
You might have noticed it on the picture above, WE ARE ON THE CHRISTMAS CARD!!!
If you want this Christmas card for someone very special, it is available from Eternal Moment Greeting Cards ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nearly Four

A forgotten Teddy Bear - An Abandoned Toy - Photograph by Yukiko Aramaki

We came across this rather sad poem about three years ago, and finally today, we decided to share it with you.
It is actually the lyric of a song and was written a guy called Jeremy Lloyd.
We are sure that it will bring some little tears to your eyes - It certainly did to us and several other people!

So here we go...


A teddy bear sits on a mattress
One glass eye and threadbare paw
Looking at a cuckoo clock
Which shows it's ten to four

Four o'clock is teddy's teatime
Lots of friends and fancy cake
Although it's only pretend eating
Oh how long ten minutes take

Shadows grow on distant hillsides
Orange sun on glassy sea
All in his amber eye reflected
And still ten minutes left 'til tea

The mattress, striped, is old and broken
Rusty springs through stuffing show
The cuckoo clock is also broken
But how's a teddy supposed to know?

Unaware he's been discarded
That this is not the nursery cot
The hills and sea just glass, old papers
On a disused rubbish plot

A telephone that no one answers
Empty tins that once held tea
The clock that still says nearly teatime
Where can all the children be?

For ages now he's lain unwanted
Saluting with his threadbare paw
He'll never know he's been abandoned
'Til the clock reads after four

Don't tell him that the clock is broken
For as long as teddy doesn't know
It'll always soon be teatime
As it was so long ago.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

We Were Stranded!

The road was washed away! Two teddy bears were stranded!

The road was washed away! Two teddy bears were stranded! part2

Do you remember the story we had told you on one of the blog posts, about the terrible rain we had in October?

We went for a walk the other day and found out that the downpour washed a road to the next village away! We loved taking this road. There was almost no traffic, so it was perfect for us Teddy Bears to enjoy a safe stroll.

Well, now we'll get NO traffic. Certainly guarantee that! But safe? Not for us!

By the way, we were awarded with "Superior Scribbler Award" by Charity and "I Love Your Blog Award" by NJTomboy.
Thanks a lot! We'll give you huuuuuuuuuuge hugs and hairy kisses!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Teddy Bear At Work

Ginormous Teddy BearWe went to a fiesta held in one of the nearby towns.
All the glittering lights, music, jingles, laughter, smell of waffles and etc...
It was so mesmerizing!

At one of the fun rides, we found this ginormous Teddy Bear towering in front of the picture of Mr. Bean.
He looked very majestic and we felt a little bit intimidated, we didn't get to talk to him.
We regretted it though.
After hours of standing and posing, he might have liked a little cup of honey lemon and a chat with fellow teddy bears....

Next time when we see him at a fair somewhere, we might invite him to come and stay with us for a couple days so that we can fill each other with stories of different places.
If he says yes, we might need to get a huge bed for him.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

After the October Rain

Autumn Greetings from Teddy and Pencil

Grrrrrrr, we heven't published any blog posts for a very long time...
How are you all doing? Hope everything is OK with all of you guys.

We had a terrible rainstorm last week and the rain water came into our house!
Drip, drip, drip...
First when we heard the sound, we weren't so sure what it was.
Our human buddies were rushing around the house with buckets, gushing water was running through the streets, the sky was filled with rolling thunder and lightning...
Wow, that was horrendous!
We'd never experienced that heavy rain before!

At last, a little bit of dry weather came back yesterday, so we were busy mending our roof!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Svasti's Teddy Bear: George Edward


Recently, we got to know a very courageous person from Australia. Svasti had a very painful experience, physically and mentally. On her blog, she bravely shares her journeys to the wholeness from assault.

When we had a little chat, she mentioned us about her teddy bear "George Edward". He's been a faithful companion to Svasti since her late teens. We asked her to show us his photo, and here it is!
He is a good looking bear, isn't he?

You can meet George Edward at .

To know more of Svasti's story, please visit her great blog at

Monday, June 16, 2008

Unexpected Adventure

We came across this lovely news on The Bear Club today...

Teddy bear travels 3,000 miles by car, plane and post to be reunited with little girl

By Lucy Cockcroft
Last Updated: 2:18AM BST 06/06/2008

A schoolgirl has been reunited with her lost teddy after a rescue mission which saw the stuffed toy flown, driven and posted 3,000 miles across Europe.
When seven-year-old Jaimee Armstrong left Orange Ted at an airport in Spain she was inconsolable, and her parents Deborah and Daniel vowed to do everything in their power to get it back.

That set off an incredible chain of events in which the bear was taken on a 44-day journey across the continent.

The adventure began when Orange Ted was accidentally left in Girona Airport on April 23 after a family holiday in Spain.

By the time the Armstrongs realised he was missing they were on board the plane on their way back to Britain.

Mrs Armstrong, 45, said: "Jaimee was frantic with worry and myself and Dan quickly we had to get Orange Ted back whatever the cost.

"She was inconsolable, every morning she kept asking when we were going to get her bear back.

"At one point I even had to take her to the doctors because she hadn’t slept for two nights with worry."

The airport authorities refused to send the bear, an irreplaceable 50-year-old family heirloom, anywhere unless it was collected in person, so the Armstrongs sent out an email appealing to the travel agent who had arranged their holiday.

The agent, Kim Hughes from Travel Counsellors, then sent an email to 1,000 of her colleagues around the world and asked for their help in getting Orange Ted back home.

She received hundreds of replies and an itinerary was drawn up. The bear was picked up by a rep and taken on a 16-day driving holiday across Spain and France.

Next he was handed to another rep in Toulouse, France, who passed it on to her parents who were visiting.

They then took the bear on a plane journey back to their home in Bolton, North Yorkshire, and popped him in the post for the final 200 mile (321 km) leg of the journey.

Orange Ted was finally reunited with his owner in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, on Thursday June 5.

Mrs Armstrong said: "It’s only got one eye, quite bald, with just tufts of hair and stitches all over it - a teddy only a child could love.

"Jaimee has been over the moon since he came back and we are delighted the whole ordeal is over.

"One thing is absolutely certain - he is never leaving the country again."

Ted's travel map

Monday, May 26, 2008

Let Us Be With You

Well loved teddy bear

Today, we'd like to introduce you a well loved teddy bear.
This cute fellow has been with Artsy Clay for decades.

As you know, us teddy bears are one of the best companions you can have. We'll always be with you whenever you need us - if you just let us share your life. Unfortunately, a lot of you decide that when you grow up, you don't need any supports from teddy bears anymore and give us up. We always appreciate our friends' decisions and accept the consequences, but to tell the truth, we would really love to spend our whole life together with you...

Artsy Clay has kept her teddy bear and wrote a song about him - about how he is always there for her. Great applause to both of you!

Here's the song. Enjoy.

"My Teddy Bear"

Well, I've got me a little brown friend
He sticks by my side through thick 'n' thin
I can count on him when I'm feelin' low
He holds my hand and he never lets go.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

We first met when I was just a kid
He came into my life and he's never hid
He loves me with tender lovin' care
And I've loved off almost all his hair.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

When I'm hurtin' I can hold him tight
He lets me hug him till I feel all right
Only the good in me he sees
He always understands and he never disagrees.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

His nose is flattened, one eye's gone away
But he's beautiful to me 'cause he thinks I'm ok
We have the best friendship there could ever be
He's free to be himself and I'm free to be me.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

(copyright 1985 "Artsy Clay")

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What’s So Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding

Bloggers UniteAs teddy bears, we often hear people talking about human rights but we’re never sure what they mean.

After all if something is a ‘right’ it’s usually something to do with a legal system (“You have the right to remain silent ….” property rights, the right to an attorney) and yet we think that when people refer to human rights, what they really mean is reasonable expectations of how humans should deal with and interact with each other. (like not being jailed for having different political or religious opinions, having reasonable, safe accommodation, not being subjected to any kind of violence and so on).

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that the above expectations are reasonable.
All over the world there are any number of governmental and non-governmental organizations which seem to think they can do what they like to, or with, other people. This may be as simple as taxing them to death or may involve kidnapping them and forcing them to join a guerrilla army. You can probably think of many more examples.
So, to try to keep these undesirables in check humans have invented a kind of legal framework for human rights so that some of the ‘bad guys’ can sometimes be reined in (but not, of course, if the bad guys also happen to be part of the government or own a pharmaceutical company).

Overall, we don’t think the legal thing works very well but it’s probably better than nothing. This planet will continue to have problems until all the people behave more like teddy bears. Non-judgemental, non-violent, non-demanding and not greedy.

We’d still like to know what’s so funny about Peace, Love and Understanding.

Teddy and Pencil

Monday, May 12, 2008

What if....

We came across the following news the other day. This news really shook us!
What could we do if we were kidnapped by a burglar? We don't know how to fight! Our paws are a bit too soft and we can't run fast... How can we escape from them? OK, we know how to drive - in theory, but our feet cannot reach the pedal!
Maybe we should learn karate or something...

Man steals PlayStation, Teddy Bear during burglary
Returned to his grateful owners

By Mark Cavalo, GameRush Entertainment

For a burglar in Waikato, New Zealand, stealing a PlayStation was apparently not enough, as the thief grabbed a teddy bear as well during the theft.
Police spokesman Andrew McAlley said that the 18-year-old man entered a couple’s residence sometime between 8am and 5pm. Asides from stealing the PlayStation, he made off with a hair dryer, some shoes, and a teddy bear.

When the couple arrived home, they noticed some of their belongings placed along a rear fence. When they looked over the fence, the couple was confronted by the burglar, who threatened them with a pitchfork, reported the New Zealand Press Association.

Police were called and had to use pepper spray to subdue the man. The resident of the neighboring property was also arrested for obstruction.

“Meanwhile the teddy bear appeared none the worse for his travels and was returned to his grateful owners,” McAlley said.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Paddington To Be Arrested!

There will be a new book of Paddington Bear published in June 2008! YES, A NEW STORY!
What a great news! The first new book in 30 years! And from what we heard, Paddington will be arrested and interrogated over his immigration status in this new book.

The year 2008 is a land mark year for Paddington as it marks the 50th anniversary of his debut. In this new book, "Paddington Here and Now", the bear is interviewed about his right to stay in England. He has no papers to prove his identity as his Aunt Lucy arranged for him to hide on a ship's lifeboat from Peru when she went to live in the Home for Retired Bears in Lima.

The book will be published by HarperCollins, who have been publishing Paddington books since the very beginning, when "A Bear Called Paddington" was launched in 1958. HarperCollins Children's Books will be releasing a variety of Paddington re-issues and new formats to celebrate the anniversary year.

We are so excited about this book, but it brought us a little concern... If Paddington could be arrested by police over his immigration status, the same might happen to us. Neither of us have passport... Nobody had ever asked us to show a passports or a visa on our travelling before. What should we do if people from the immigration office show up on our doorstep?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Teddy Bears Need Fun Too

Bears can have fun!

We know that most of people think teddy bears do nothing, just sit around and watch the world by. OK, we admit that some of us actually like to have an inactive life, but not all!
Here's an email we received some time ago with the photo above.
I was in a local toy store and to my shock, two large teddy bears were in a Ferrari. I said, "What in the world are you two doing?"

The driver said, "Waiting to be adopted" and the passenger said, "Sometimes we get bored. So Justin there drives and I do the 'vrrrm! vrrrrm!' noise. Teddy bears need fun, too, you know."

They allowed me to photograph them.

--Chris S.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We Are On The Greeting Cards!

Two teddy bears walking home. Teddy Bear Greeting Card

We are on the greeting cards now! Yippeeee!!

Recently, Yukiko, one of the human members of our family, created an online greeting card store called "Eternal Moment Greeting Cards" on the Greeting Card Universe site. She is still working on adding more designs to the shop, but it's up and running.

There are only 2 cards of us there yet, but she promised to add some more VERY soon. You'll find some other beautiful cards there as well. She was saying that their card approving process sometimes takes quite a long time, so maybe we shouldn't keep nudging her.

We would truly appreciate your comments and suggestions on the cards, so that we can let her know what people think about them.

The URL for the store is:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Taking Photos Can Be A Challenge

When we walk around the towns and the cities, we always take a camera with us just in case we meet some photogenic teddy bears there. Sometimes with babies and children, sometimes in the shop windows, teddy bears are always around.

The tricky bit is not upsetting anybody when we take photos.
Usually teddy bears are quite willing to pose for some photo shooting, but humans don't like a stranger taking photos of their children... It's quite understandable since there are a lot of weirdoes lurking around to do BAD things.

But we are so innocent looking bears...
Do you think we look like bad bears?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Bears of the World

Everybody needs caring hugs of teddy bears, right? It has been proven to the world that we, teddy bears, can be a great help for people who are going through some difficult time. But unfortunately, not all who need us don’t have their own teddies. But for those, there are several groups who give teddy bears to people in need.

Good Bears of the World (GBW) is one of such organizations. GBW is an international non profit organization dedicated to providing teddy bears to hurt, abused and traumatized children as well as the lonely and forgotten adults in the world.

GBW was founded in England in 1969 by the late journalist James Theodore Ownby. Mr. Ownby passed away in 1986 but his dream is carried on by GBW members across the world. Now their headquarters is located in Toledo, Ohio, USA.

GBW actively spread love to the world by giving teddy bears to people who are in need of comfort and solacing. We learnt that they were the first group to donate teddy bears to police departments in the early 80’s. Hundreds of thousands of teddy bears have given to children including the victims of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and domestic violence both in the United States and abroad. They also send courageous teddy bears to many sick, injured, and underprivileged children as well as lonely seniors to comfort them.

This caring group is supported entirely by membership and donations. If you would like to help those children and adults in need and contribute to Good Bears of the World, the address is:

Good Bears of the World
P.O. Box 13097
Toledo, Ohio 43613

Phone and Fax (419) 531-5365
Toll Free 1-877-429-2327

P.S. When we come across groups and organizations as well as individuals who help the world become better place with teddy bears, we'll publish a blog post here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Haiku by a Teddy Bear

Honey Pot Haiku by a Teddy Bear

A honey pot -
Wind swept through -
The sound of hollow

by Pencil

Sometimes, the weather isn't so nice and we get stuck in the house.
What could we do on a day like that?
Playing games, reading books, painting, sewing, etc., there are so many great ways to spend a day inside the house, and recently, Haiku has been added to our list.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Bear Club

The Bear Club

Do you know the website called The Bear Club?
If you are an active and sociable Teddy Bear, you really want to visit this site and join them, like we did!

This is THE WEBSITE for all the bears and people who live with Teddy Bears. You can share your photos & videos, you can blog, you can learn things about bears, play games, download stuff and read stories... There's loads of fun there and all for Teddy Bears!
Here's an excerpt from the site:

... the most amazing teddy bear experience you will find anywhere on the internet, and the first teddy bear blog site of its kind for teddies and their owners! A safe, exciting and interactive site for people of all ages, your teddy bear is brought to life and given a voice of its own via its very own blog pages, all completely free...

We got to know so many bears who love travelling, cooking, DIYing and doing all sorts of stuff there.
Why don't you come and join us? - if you are a bear, of course ;-)

"Princess" And Her Gang of Bears

Gang of Teddy Bears

We were featured on a blog! Yippeeee!

Recently, we got to know a blog called "It's my party (and I'll cry if I want to...)", and guess what, the author's daughter - "Princess" - happened to have a big hugful of Teddy Bears. (OK, we know, it might be more difficult to find a household withought a Teddy Bear. We are spreading all over ;-) )
We asked them to share some photos of their Teddy Bears, and so they published a blog post about us with the photos of Teddies.

Please check it out. And, when you are on their site, browse around and take time, you can find a lot of good and interesting blog posts there.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Do We Travel?

Two little Teddy Bears travels on the sand. UAE
Not all who wander are lost.
~ J. R. R. Tolkien ~

Do you like travelling?

For us, travel is almost not a choice. We do believe that when our body was stuffed with fluffy stuffing and love, a travel bug crept inside our body! We just cannot stay still. If we stay in one place too long, we get a nudge and start dreaming about all the adventures we haven't accomplished yet.

Every time when we visit a new place, it doesn't matter whether it is a nearby town we've never been to or a different country & culture, we get a great excitement. A excitement for something unknown, for the joy of freedom (well, we are always free to do anything anyway), for the new possibilities, and for all the wonders!

It seems to us that the travelling is one of those things either you hate or love. Love, for us, of course.

Where is the most memorable place you've ever visited? Would you like to share your experience with us?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What Teddy Bears Are Up To

Recently, one of our new friend "ChewMouse" sent us these photos. (We really love the first one :-) )
There are some very "active" teddy bears around!
We are going to take over the world!

3 Geeks

Business teddy

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Cute Bear Pin

Bear pin

Look at this cute bear!
Artsy Clay made this :-)
She is one of our friends and we got to know each other quite recently throught BlogCatalog. She makes all sorts of beautiful things with clay.
We were talking that it would be nice if she could make something "bear", and there it is! A bear face pin out of polymer clay.
Isn't she great?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

God Save the Black Bears!

If you have travelled to the UK and had a little tour around London, or have watched a program about the country, you might have seen the "Queen's Guard" standing outside the palace in the bright red and black uniform with a big bearskin hat.

That's right, that big furry hat is made of bearskin, real black bears' skin. It takes as much as the entire hide of one bear to make just one guard's hat. Those black bears are hunted in Canada, and their skins are shipped to the UK. Many of the bears are shot several times before they die, and some escape the hunters and bleed to death. When mother bears are killed, orphaned cubs are left behind to starve. According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), in the past five years alone, more than £321,000 was spent to the slaughter of black bears for ceremonial hats.

PETA is calling on Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to stop using bear pelts to make headpieces for the five guards regiments and to have the hats fashioned from luxurious faux fur instead.

We strongly believe that, with the human technology now, there's no good reason to keep killing the black bears any more. The faux fur is surely good enough, wouldn't you say? Some of those faux furs are so realistic and beautiful. Look at us Teddy Bears and other animal friends!

You can learn more about this on their website If you want to do something, you can help these bears by joining their teddy revolution. Just take a picture with your teddy bear with a sign saying, "Your Majesty, teddy and I say leave the bears alone" – or something similar – and use the form on their website ( to send them your pictures. After they gather everyone's pictures, they'll deliver them together to The Queen and ask her to spare bears and stop using real fur for the palace hats.

And there's some more. This is the option only if you can bear. You can actually send your Teddy Bear to PETA. PETA want you to send your teddy bears to them so that they can send those teddies to The Queen along with your plea asking her to stop allowing real bears to be killed for her guards' caps. Unfortunately, if you choose this option, once your teddy is bound for Buckingham Palace, they wouldn't be able to come back to you.

This is the address if you decide to send your Teddy Bear to PETA.
PETA Europe Ltd
PO Box 36668

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Teddy Bear Rescuer

Today, we'd like to introduce you a lovely lady who rescue Teddy Bears on a regular basis.
Astrid, a crafter and a designer from Amsterdam, walks around her vicinity and save Teddy Bears and other love-seeking goods from the incinerator and the trash.

Above pictures are some of the Teddy Bears she managed to save from the horrible fate. She picks up those poor ones no matter how grubby they are, and bring them home and give them a good wash and, if necessary, a repair. We can just imagine how happy they felt when they were picked up by her loving hands...

There are so many things, including Teddy Bears, out there on the street corner or at the dump, still perfectly OK and just needing loving and tender care from you.

So, go on, visit Astrid's blog at and find out what sorts of things you can find, and then go out and have a nice walk around your area. You might find a treasure hiding just around the corner, and, you as well, can be another "Teddy Bear Rescuer". There are many, many of them crying out for your help.

Oh, and if you found and saves a teddy bear, please send us an email with photos. We'd always love to know that there is one more happy bear out there ;-)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why people fight each other?

We've been collecting Teddy Bear related photographs for a while, especially the ones which show the bond between people and teddy bears.

These are the ones we found recently.
It is heartbreaking that those kids look so sad and desperate.
Why people fight each other?
Why can't we live together loving, helping and understanding each other?
We truly hope that those teddy bears are giving them some bits of comfort...

(If you click each photo, it will lead you to the website where you can read the description.)




Friday, March 7, 2008

Trying Out the Weaving Loom

We are quite creative teddy bears, you know. We found this little weaving loom in a bascket - we think it belongs to one of the human members of our family. We wanted a nice rug by our bed - like the ones we saw in the Native American Arts & Craft book, so we decided have a go. Once we got the knack, it was so easy! We made a few of them.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Teddy Bears' Nightmare

I can't believe this! It's horrible! It's sooooo barbaric!
Did you see those poor teddy bears? Boucing against posts and crashing on hard, cold ice and, and....
Who on earth came up this "Teddy Bear Toss"!?

Post by Teddy (who had a bad experience falling from a tree)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wild Asparagus

"Asparagus Hunting"

We went wild asparagus hunting.
There were many, many of them growing everywhere! We enjoyed them in Pasta Bake last night and in Risotto for lunch today.
We love Spring.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Are Collecting Teddy Bear Stories

Dear Two Little Bears Blog Readers,

Have you got a story about Teddy Bears? Especially, a story about YOU and YOUR TEDDY BEAR.

Things you used to do together, some memorable incidents, or your feeling toward your Teddy Bear, etc. Anything is OK. If you want to express your love to your bear, that's fine. If you wrote a poem about your bear, that's great! It doesn't matter how long or short the story is.

If you have something you can tell us about you and your Teddy Bear, please send us an email to teddy_and_pencil (at)
We are collecting stories about Teddy Bears.
We would appreciate it if you could send us ANY stories.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Teddy & Pencil

Pencil's Profile

Teddy's Profile

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Afternoon Stroll

"Afternoon Stroll"

Sun! At last the sun came out today.
It's been rainy and miserable for several days and we couldn't go out at all, so today we decided to have a little walk to a hillside.

Already there are so many different kinds of wildflowers flowering in the field.

It is Spring!

About Us

Hi. Welcome to our Teddy Bear blog!

This is a blog done & run by two teddy bears, Teddy & Pencil, with a little help from our human friends. We live in Spain, enjoying the sun and the sea and the life in general.

Here we share our daily thoughts, views on current affairs and opinions from Teddy Bears' perspective. You can also find some stories about other Teddy Bears and a little information about what we are up to.

You'll find a lot of our photos here as well, because one of the humans we live with loves taking photos. ;-)

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