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Two Little Bears

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I love your blog award
From NJTomboy

Super Scribbler Award
From Charity

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We Are On The Christmas Card!

Teddy Bear Santa Christmas Card - Lots of gifts are loaded on a sleigh, two little bears are coming to you!

It's almost December now. Another Christmas is coming soon! Yesterday, we put our Christmas tree up and decorated it. We love watching the fairy lights twinkle, they make us feel so happy.

By the way, have you started your Christmas shopping yet? How about Christmas cards?
You might have noticed it on the picture above, WE ARE ON THE CHRISTMAS CARD!!!
If you want this Christmas card for someone very special, it is available from Eternal Moment Greeting Cards ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nearly Four

A forgotten Teddy Bear - An Abandoned Toy - Photograph by Yukiko Aramaki

We came across this rather sad poem about three years ago, and finally today, we decided to share it with you.
It is actually the lyric of a song and was written a guy called Jeremy Lloyd.
We are sure that it will bring some little tears to your eyes - It certainly did to us and several other people!

So here we go...


A teddy bear sits on a mattress
One glass eye and threadbare paw
Looking at a cuckoo clock
Which shows it's ten to four

Four o'clock is teddy's teatime
Lots of friends and fancy cake
Although it's only pretend eating
Oh how long ten minutes take

Shadows grow on distant hillsides
Orange sun on glassy sea
All in his amber eye reflected
And still ten minutes left 'til tea

The mattress, striped, is old and broken
Rusty springs through stuffing show
The cuckoo clock is also broken
But how's a teddy supposed to know?

Unaware he's been discarded
That this is not the nursery cot
The hills and sea just glass, old papers
On a disused rubbish plot

A telephone that no one answers
Empty tins that once held tea
The clock that still says nearly teatime
Where can all the children be?

For ages now he's lain unwanted
Saluting with his threadbare paw
He'll never know he's been abandoned
'Til the clock reads after four

Don't tell him that the clock is broken
For as long as teddy doesn't know
It'll always soon be teatime
As it was so long ago.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

We Were Stranded!

The road was washed away! Two teddy bears were stranded!

The road was washed away! Two teddy bears were stranded! part2

Do you remember the story we had told you on one of the blog posts, about the terrible rain we had in October?

We went for a walk the other day and found out that the downpour washed a road to the next village away! We loved taking this road. There was almost no traffic, so it was perfect for us Teddy Bears to enjoy a safe stroll.

Well, now we'll get NO traffic. Certainly guarantee that! But safe? Not for us!

By the way, we were awarded with "Superior Scribbler Award" by Charity and "I Love Your Blog Award" by NJTomboy.
Thanks a lot! We'll give you huuuuuuuuuuge hugs and hairy kisses!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Teddy Bear At Work

Ginormous Teddy BearWe went to a fiesta held in one of the nearby towns.
All the glittering lights, music, jingles, laughter, smell of waffles and etc...
It was so mesmerizing!

At one of the fun rides, we found this ginormous Teddy Bear towering in front of the picture of Mr. Bean.
He looked very majestic and we felt a little bit intimidated, we didn't get to talk to him.
We regretted it though.
After hours of standing and posing, he might have liked a little cup of honey lemon and a chat with fellow teddy bears....

Next time when we see him at a fair somewhere, we might invite him to come and stay with us for a couple days so that we can fill each other with stories of different places.
If he says yes, we might need to get a huge bed for him.