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Two Little Bears

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

About Us

Hi. Welcome to our Teddy Bear blog!

This is a blog done & run by two teddy bears, Teddy & Pencil, with a little help from our human friends. We live in Spain, enjoying the sun and the sea and the life in general.

Here we share our daily thoughts, views on current affairs and opinions from Teddy Bears' perspective. You can also find some stories about other Teddy Bears and a little information about what we are up to.

You'll find a lot of our photos here as well, because one of the humans we live with loves taking photos. ;-)

We hope you enjoy our blog and come back time to time. If you feel like it, please leave some comments here on this blog, or email us at teddy_and_pencil (at)


Teddy & Pencil


Susan said...

In response to a message from you on my shoutbox, I do have a couple of sweet teddy bear stories.

I have two very old, well-loved bears from my childhood. I remember clearly falling in love with one of them just before my fourth birthday -- pulling him off the store shelf and begging for him -- and feeling so sad when I couldn't buy him. But, I was so excited on my birthday when I opened my gift and there he was -- he still holds a special place in my heart, and is 53 years old now.

I also had a male cat several years ago who somehow thought two of my teddy bears were his kittens -- apparently he was a bit confused about his sexuality and thought he was their mother. Each night, he wandered through the house, carrying them one at a time in his mouth like kittens, and depositing them gently at the bottom of the stairs -- by the time Puffy died, both teddy bears were pretty much threadbare from all the loving care they received.

teddy and pencil said...

Ohhhhhh, they are truly lovely stories! They made us feel so warm and happy. Though, the story about Puffy made us cry a bit ;)
Thanks for sharing your stories with us.

Big hugs from both of us.
Teddy and Pencil