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Two Little Bears

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Let Us Be With You

Well loved teddy bear

Today, we'd like to introduce you a well loved teddy bear.
This cute fellow has been with Artsy Clay for decades.

As you know, us teddy bears are one of the best companions you can have. We'll always be with you whenever you need us - if you just let us share your life. Unfortunately, a lot of you decide that when you grow up, you don't need any supports from teddy bears anymore and give us up. We always appreciate our friends' decisions and accept the consequences, but to tell the truth, we would really love to spend our whole life together with you...

Artsy Clay has kept her teddy bear and wrote a song about him - about how he is always there for her. Great applause to both of you!

Here's the song. Enjoy.

"My Teddy Bear"

Well, I've got me a little brown friend
He sticks by my side through thick 'n' thin
I can count on him when I'm feelin' low
He holds my hand and he never lets go.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

We first met when I was just a kid
He came into my life and he's never hid
He loves me with tender lovin' care
And I've loved off almost all his hair.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

When I'm hurtin' I can hold him tight
He lets me hug him till I feel all right
Only the good in me he sees
He always understands and he never disagrees.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

His nose is flattened, one eye's gone away
But he's beautiful to me 'cause he thinks I'm ok
We have the best friendship there could ever be
He's free to be himself and I'm free to be me.

He's my Teddy bear
Yeah, he's my Teddy bear.

(copyright 1985 "Artsy Clay")


artsyclay said...

Thank you for featuring my dear friends Teddy and Bunny! They are thrilled to be here and to share the song. :D

Liara Covert said...

Self-acceptance is a lesson many human beings have yet to learn. Teddy bears can be great teachers. Its up to each person to determine whether he or she is ready to expand a sense of love. Teddies love everyone unconditionally. When will you?

Le-Chat said...

Hey T + P, I just saw you visited my blog and thought it was time to see how you are doing. Just want to say I enjoyed reading all the posts I missed in the past few months. You guys do great work, keep spreading the love!

Anonymous said...

Hi T & P, Just dropping by to include a link to a picture of George Edward, my old bear. I found him yesterday and took a nice pic of him for you.


Charity Childs-Gevero said...

I will never choose to grow up! :-) If you ever need a new home, come and live in mine! :-) I love you, teddy and pencil! :-) I shall subscribe to you in google! :-)