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Two Little Bears

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't Leave Teddy Bears In The Woods!

We came across this weird idea the other day- Clutter Clearing Teddy Bears.
What??? We are not a clutter!!!

Anyway, on this site called, they were talking about how to get rid of unwanted teddy bears...
One of the things they suggested was;

to take soon-to-become-ex-teddy bear to a forest, sit it in the branches of a tree, and leave it there for the elements to reclaim it.

Ehhh, sorry, that would be a bit spooky... Could you imagine a forest filled with sad, neglected and frightened teddy bears?
If you visit this site, you'll find many, many more suggestions from various people about what to do with no longer needed bears.

But among those, we found this message.
Getting rid of a well-loved teddy bear (no matter how much one feels one has moved on) is like getting rid of part of one's soul. OK, they're cloth and stuffing with beady glass or shoe-button eyes, but like many of the comments I've read, they have the imprint of love someone has put there. I mean, you and that bear have a history together, much like a person and their dog or cat (which you wouldn't euthanize and bury unless it was suffering). How much space can ONE bear take up? Get rid of something else you don't need, such as that kitschy plastic statue Aunt Clara sent you from San Francisco. I still have my first teddy bear from 48 years ago, plus the one my mother gave me the year she passed away, and a tiny beanie my fiance and I bought together (we take her everywhere). Three bears, two grown-ups. -Diane

Well said, Diane!
Yes, exactly. How much space could one teddy bear (or two) take up?


Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

Ted & Pen! It's been so long! Why do you do that to me, huh? Come visit me every day, not just once in 5 years!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!

That is true...when those mean missionaries burned my Brown Bear...I lost a part of me that when I think about...I cry...because I want to get it back, but I'm afraid, I cannot!

Maybe one day, I will get it back. If I have a daughter one day, I will make sure she will keep her teddy for forever! :)

Visit more than that, ok???


Buttons the Bear said...

Ted & Pen,
Hi, and thanks for sharing your this find. Another thing for us loved and worn teddy bears to worry about. The possibility of being left in the woods, oh my! The bear-manity!!

I have enjoyed reading your blog and been watching for new postings. 8:-) Hoping for more real soon.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

This is scandalous!
Has WSPA been informed????

Orso Bear, Esq said...

Hello Teddy and Pencil,
I like to visit the woods and talk to the squirrels but I would hate to be left in a tree overnight. I imagine this must be some sort of off-colour humour. It's very simple to have old bears adopted by new owners. How would they like to be left in a tree to be reclaimed by the elements? It hardly bears thinking about.
Hope you are both well,
Mr Orso Bear, esq.

Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting us Bumpkin Bears. I can't imagine anyone wanting to leave a beloved Ted in a forest.... they really are part of our souls and should be cherished. Beary Hugs, Catherine x

Sir Woodstock said...

Good morning you two!

Young Buttons alerted me to your blog and this terrible tale.
Mother & I have justed rescued a lost bear, found hanging in a shrub!!!


Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

Ted and Pen!!! You have just received an award from me!!! Come on over and claim your award!!! :)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Reelly, the ownly time Bears shud be in the woods en masse is for pikniks. Unless yor havin a poo competishun. But that mite just be me.

Ria said...

My teddy bears will never be treated as "clutter."

Hi Yukiko! How are you? Still in Spain?

The Teddy Bear Family said...


We're gonna have nightmares now! Quick, take the info off. What if others find it? Good thing they removed that nasty article!

If people absolutely MUST abandon their bears, give them to others, who need us. As much as we hate to say this, clean the little guys up, and then give them to the police or firefighters. Those folks know a good thing, when they can get it. In turn, they will give the cute, adorable, sweet (seriously - who abandons bears?) fellows to children in crisiseses, where we're most needed. EXCEPT, we're all beary much needed at home!

::::::::shivering and grabbing a much needed hug from Mommy::::::::::