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Two Little Bears

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We Are Moving

Just a little announcement.
We are moving!
No, not the blog. We are physically moving to Egypt.
So, fingers (or paws) crossed, that we can find more time and opportunities to blog once we get settled in.
Meanwhile, have a nice summer holiday and hopefully see you very soon!


Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

Visit me before your big move!

Egypt???? Wow!!!! So am I going to see two fluffy teddies climbing up the sides of the pyramids, soon???? :)

That Girl Ang said...

WOW! How exciting... are you on Facebook?

Sir Woodstock said...

What an amazing adventure you are about to have.
Will look forward to your Egyptian tales.


That Girl Ang said...

What about a fan page on FB.. you can surely do that!!!! Think about it.....

Buttons the Bear said...

Egypt...isn't that on da nile? My goodness, that's exciting. Will there be more walks in the dessert?

Can't wait to read and see photos of your adventure.


Teddy and Pencil said...

OK Ang, we'll think about it ;)

And, thanks, all of you.
Hopefully you'll see stucks of new photos of us with pyramids very soon...

Lots and lots of love & hugs

Teddy and Pencil

Orso Bear, Esq said...

You must keep us posted of your exploits.
Watch out for Pharaoh's curses. I saw a film about that once. There was this large chap, totally covered in bandages, chasing people around a tomb. Gave me quite a fright I can tell you.
There's also a big statue called the Spinks I believe. I'd like to see a photograph of the two of you next to that if you can arrange it.
All the best for your journey,
Orso Bear, Esq

Ria said...

You're getting near UAE again... Good luck! Let me know when you're in Egypt :)

Rev Deb said...

The Lord's blessing on your move...
Rev Deb

Socio said...

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