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Two Little Bears

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Teddy Bear Rescuer

Today, we'd like to introduce you a lovely lady who rescue Teddy Bears on a regular basis.
Astrid, a crafter and a designer from Amsterdam, walks around her vicinity and save Teddy Bears and other love-seeking goods from the incinerator and the trash.

Above pictures are some of the Teddy Bears she managed to save from the horrible fate. She picks up those poor ones no matter how grubby they are, and bring them home and give them a good wash and, if necessary, a repair. We can just imagine how happy they felt when they were picked up by her loving hands...

There are so many things, including Teddy Bears, out there on the street corner or at the dump, still perfectly OK and just needing loving and tender care from you.

So, go on, visit Astrid's blog at and find out what sorts of things you can find, and then go out and have a nice walk around your area. You might find a treasure hiding just around the corner, and, you as well, can be another "Teddy Bear Rescuer". There are many, many of them crying out for your help.

Oh, and if you found and saves a teddy bear, please send us an email with photos. We'd always love to know that there is one more happy bear out there ;-)

1 comment:

Le-Chat said...

Teddy and Pencil, thank you so much. My bears are really proud to see themselves featured on your blog. Just to think they would have been crushed in the trash van otherwise.... No, it's an unthinkable fate!