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Two Little Bears

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Do We Travel?

Two little Teddy Bears travels on the sand. UAE
Not all who wander are lost.
~ J. R. R. Tolkien ~

Do you like travelling?

For us, travel is almost not a choice. We do believe that when our body was stuffed with fluffy stuffing and love, a travel bug crept inside our body! We just cannot stay still. If we stay in one place too long, we get a nudge and start dreaming about all the adventures we haven't accomplished yet.

Every time when we visit a new place, it doesn't matter whether it is a nearby town we've never been to or a different country & culture, we get a great excitement. A excitement for something unknown, for the joy of freedom (well, we are always free to do anything anyway), for the new possibilities, and for all the wonders!

It seems to us that the travelling is one of those things either you hate or love. Love, for us, of course.

Where is the most memorable place you've ever visited? Would you like to share your experience with us?


NJTomboy said...

I use to go to the Village & get lost. I know Greenwich Village is only but so big. But when you go early on a Saturday summer morn just as the club goers are drifting home & b/f the shoppers arrive - it's magical! A different place.

I don't know - I am the same person who saw similarities b/n Paris & Pittsburgh last summer.

Ria Coleto-Cervantes said...

Awwww...the photo on this article is so cute. I see a lot of "humans" wearing that in my place...hahahaha... Nice one!

Ria Coleto-Cervantes said...

I love to travel because I believe I am a wanderlust. Lucky enough, my husband has the same streak and our daughter is infected with the "travel bug." It's such a nice experience to be able to take in new cultures, meet new people, see different places, speak new language, taste new delicacies. this experience make your life more colorful and richer. I don't know about the other though but as for my family, we see travelling as an opportunity to learn new stuff that will make as more open to what the world has to offer.

I guess it's pretty obvious by now that my answer to your question is a very, very big YES.