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Two Little Bears

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Trying Out the Weaving Loom

We are quite creative teddy bears, you know. We found this little weaving loom in a bascket - we think it belongs to one of the human members of our family. We wanted a nice rug by our bed - like the ones we saw in the Native American Arts & Craft book, so we decided have a go. Once we got the knack, it was so easy! We made a few of them.


Clothmatters said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I absolutely love your blog. I just can't seem to resist a teddy bear....or two teddy bears.

Le-Chat said...

My mom has a little weaving loom like that - somewhere in her stash of old craft stuff. I know I used it when I was a kid... I wish I knew where to start searching so I could make little rugs for my rescued bears. Did you get the email with the pics?

Teddy and Pencil said...

Thanks le-chat, yes we received all the pics of teddy bears. They will be on this blog very soon :-)
And, if you can find the loom, that would be nice. We are so sure that your teddy bears would be even happier ;-)

teddy and pencil said...

Hi, Connie. Thanks for visiting us :-) You know what, teddy ebars can be very "addictive", so beware!

Teddy and Pencil

Biene said...

Hi dear Teddy & Pencil... what a cute site you have! It makes tons of fun reading your stories! I have linked your blog on my site!

Bear hugs to you, Biene

teddy and pencil said...

Hi Biene. Welcome to our little den :-) We also added you to our Friends & Groups list. Seems like you have a lot of cute ones in your house :-)
Teddy and Pencil

Babs (Beetle) said...

Such a lovely blog! I will give this link to my niece, who makes bears. She will love it :O)

Teddy and Pencil said...

Hi, Babs. Thank you for your compliment :-)
Your niece makes bears? That's great! Maybe one day she could show us her bears ;-)

Teddy and Pencil