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Two Little Bears

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Taking Photos Can Be A Challenge

When we walk around the towns and the cities, we always take a camera with us just in case we meet some photogenic teddy bears there. Sometimes with babies and children, sometimes in the shop windows, teddy bears are always around.

The tricky bit is not upsetting anybody when we take photos.
Usually teddy bears are quite willing to pose for some photo shooting, but humans don't like a stranger taking photos of their children... It's quite understandable since there are a lot of weirdoes lurking around to do BAD things.

But we are so innocent looking bears...
Do you think we look like bad bears?


belinha said...

Hello nice bear!!Thanks for your kind words!!!

Elena said...

Oh no, I don't think you look like bad bears at all ..... perhaps just a little mischevous in a fun way :) ...... but don't bears just want to have fun most of the time?

teddy and pencil said...

Mischievous... We've been told so many, many times. Wonder why?

Teddy bears love to have fun as much time as possible but sometimes we like to set some challenges as well. And we have loads of other things to do, like looking after human companions, encouraging house plants to grow and etc.

We need some holiday.