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Two Little Bears

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Bears of the World

Everybody needs caring hugs of teddy bears, right? It has been proven to the world that we, teddy bears, can be a great help for people who are going through some difficult time. But unfortunately, not all who need us don’t have their own teddies. But for those, there are several groups who give teddy bears to people in need.

Good Bears of the World (GBW) is one of such organizations. GBW is an international non profit organization dedicated to providing teddy bears to hurt, abused and traumatized children as well as the lonely and forgotten adults in the world.

GBW was founded in England in 1969 by the late journalist James Theodore Ownby. Mr. Ownby passed away in 1986 but his dream is carried on by GBW members across the world. Now their headquarters is located in Toledo, Ohio, USA.

GBW actively spread love to the world by giving teddy bears to people who are in need of comfort and solacing. We learnt that they were the first group to donate teddy bears to police departments in the early 80’s. Hundreds of thousands of teddy bears have given to children including the victims of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and domestic violence both in the United States and abroad. They also send courageous teddy bears to many sick, injured, and underprivileged children as well as lonely seniors to comfort them.

This caring group is supported entirely by membership and donations. If you would like to help those children and adults in need and contribute to Good Bears of the World, the address is:

Good Bears of the World
P.O. Box 13097
Toledo, Ohio 43613

Phone and Fax (419) 531-5365
Toll Free 1-877-429-2327

P.S. When we come across groups and organizations as well as individuals who help the world become better place with teddy bears, we'll publish a blog post here.


Nur Sarah Lam said...

is winnie the pooh consider a teddy bear as well?

teddy and pencil said...

Certainly he is!

Teddy and Pencil